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Your Rights

What rights does the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Funeral Rule provide me?

The Funeral Rule, enforced by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), protects consumers by allowing them to purchase funeral items, such as caskets, from a source other than a funeral home, without being penalized in any way.
When you begin the arrangement process, the funeral director, by law, must give you a General Price List of the goods and services they provide. With the exception of the non-declinable fee (the basic fee of the funeral director and staff, which must be accepted), you can select or omit any item on their general price list. The funeral director cannot change the prices on their list, charge you a fee, or offer you a different price list to penalize you if you wish to buy a casket elsewhere.

Will the funeral director be offended when I buy a casket elsewhere?

Fortunately, most funeral directors are professionals that will respect your choice to purchase a casket elsewhere. They are well aware of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)Funeral Rule, and the rights it affords you as a consumer. These laws have been in effect since 1984, and most funeral directors have come to accept that many of their customers can now buy caskets online. Unfortunately there are still some funeral directors out there that will try all kinds of illegal sales tactics to dissuade you from buying a casket online. They might tell you they have had bad experience with these online caskets. They might say that the bottom might fall out, or that it won't fit in the grave, or that it might not arrive on time etc. etc.. These hardball sales tactics are illegal and unfairly pressure emotionally vulnerable families going through the loss of a loved one. By immediately asking for a general price list and mentioning The F.T.C. Funeral Rule, you will put these funeral directors on notice that you are an informed consumer, and stop them from trying these tactics. Our caskets are the same or higher quality than the caskets on display at your funeral home. Also, since you will be buying an Eco Casket, assure your funeral director that you are making this choice in order to make the funeral more meaningful. Either because you care for the environment yourself, or because it is something the deceased cared about. A casket that reflects the personality and preferences of your loved one can be a beautiful tribute to their life.

Can the funeral home make me sign an indemnification form?

Some funeral directors will try to make you sign a form that will limit their liability if anything goes wrong due to the third party casket. This is mostly just another way to try and intimidate you into buying a casket from the funeral home. While it is legal for them to offer you the form, they cannot require you to sign the form as a condition of their accepting a third party casket. We recommend you do not sign any such form.

Will I be required to be present when the casket is delivered?

There is absolutely no need for you to be personally present when the casket is delivered. The casket will be addressed to the funeral home, and any funeral home employee can sign for receipt of the casket.


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