Certified Sustainably Harvested Wood

All Natural Shellac Finish

Organic Unbleached Cotton Interior

Futon Style, Cotton Mattress

$ 2795.-
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Click on any of the small pictures below, and a pop-up window with a large version of the picture will open. Most pictures will take approximately 10 seconds to download with a regular dialup connection.

Note: Some browsers such as AOL feature "Accelerated Browsing" or "High Speed Browsing". This technology has nothing to do with DSL or other high speed connections, but instead compresses all image files so that web pages download quicker. Unfortunately, this also results in very poor image quality. To fix AOL, see instructions at the bottom of this page.



Extra large Picture.































If you have "AOL 9 optimized" on a PC follow these steps to turn off image compression.
1. Click on SETTINGS
3. In the GENERAL tab, under temporary Internet files, click DELETE FILES & OK
4. Still in INTERNET OPTIONS, Click on the AOL BROWSER tab
5. Check NEVER COMPRESS GRAPHICS, and click CLEAR STORAGE button & Yes
6. Click APPLY & OK
Different versions of AOL running on different versions of WINDOWS might have slightly different ways to turn off image compression. For assistance call AOL at 1-866-518 7599

If you have AOL for OSX on a Mac follow these steps to turn off image compression.
1. Click on PREFERENCES under AOL on the top tool bar
2. Select WWW on the left icon bar
4. Clear the CACHE
In older versions of AOL you might first have to go to MY AOL or MY SETTINGS to get to these functions. For assistance call AOL at 1-866-518 7599



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